With aging infrastructure and an economy dependent on a healthy Narragansett Bay, Providence and its neighboring cities face significant risks from climate change. The Trust for Public Land’s national Climate-Smart Cities program—now being introduced to six Rhode Island cities—is designed to help. Together with city and community partners, we’re bringing cutting-edge science, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) planning, and innovative design to prepare the entire region for a climate-resilient future with a particular emphasis on underserved populations and critical at-risk infrastructure.

Our Climate-Smart Cities process bring together a team of experts to research, design, and build the infrastructure and tools that help increase our resilience to climate change. Our strategy is to:


Trails and transit lines provide carbon-free transportation and link residents to popular destinations and each other.



Shady green spaces reduce the urban “heat island” effect, protect people from heat waves, and reduce summer energy use.



Water-smart parks, playgrounds, and green alleys absorb rainfall, reduce flooding, and recharge drinking water supplies while saving energy for water management.




Shoreline parks and natural lands protect vulnerable infrastructure, neighborhoods, and residents from rising seas and storm surges.