Welcome to The Trust for Public Land's Impact Analysis Toolbox. This site contains the tools that allow you to locate, sketch and analyze projects. It is intended to be used by staff throughout the organization. Users are able to generate stats on completed projects as well as potential projects. Tools available on the site include:

The Trust for Public Land Project Impact Tool:

This tool allows users to sketch a project boundary and place access points. After submitting the information, the tool calculates a dynamic 1/2 mile walkable service area and calculates the number of people served within that area. After running the tool, the user can also create a pdf report with the stats and a map image of the project.

The Trust for Public Land Project Summary Tool:

This tool allows users to select completed projects by state, county, city, zip code or user defined area. Once submitted the tool returns population stats on the total number of people served for the project's 1/2 mile walkable service areas.

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